Not Just AI

At XAgency, we don't just develop AI tools - we have our finger on the pulse of the latest innovations and trends. Our Co-founder, Matt Farmer, has established himself as a leading voice in AI and marketing with a highly engaged following on platforms like TikTok.
With nearly 300K followers, Matt provides cutting-edge insights into new AI capabilities through hands-on testing and reviews. As an early adopter of tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Claude, and more, he offers exclusive early access and guidance to XAgency clients.We leverage this insider knowledge and preview access to stay on the bleeding edge.

Our clients benefit from Matt's influencer status through:

Early previews - We pilot new AI tools before wide release to master them for client implementations
Product roadmap insights - We leverage relationships with developers for inside info on upcoming capabilities
Priority access - We secure early access to new releases and features before the general public
Real-world testing - We vet tools extensively before recommending to clients
This influential network and exclusive early adoption empowers us to remain at the forefront of new AI innovations. Our clients reap the rewards through tailor-made solutions leveraging the latest, proven technologies Before others even have access.
Let us put our insider knowledge to work for you. At XAgency, we don't just implement the tools - we help define them.

Our 3-Step
AI Implementation Methodology

Business Discovery
We take the time to thoroughly understand your business, industry, processes and pain points. This phase involves stakeholder interviews, data analysis, and mapping your workflows.
AI Roadmap
We collaboratively create a 90-day roadmap outlining the AI tools and solutions we will implement at each stage based on priorities. This provides a clear path and expectations.
Education & Implementation
As we build and deploy solutions, we provide tailored education and training for your teams to smoothly adopt and maximize the AI. This on-the-job training ensures proper usage and value realization.

Onboarding for New Clients

Before our first consultation call, we guide new clients through an onboarding process including:
Completing an in-depth intake form detailing their business overview, processes, objectives and pain points. This allows us to customize the engagement.
Participating in a short AI literacy assessment to gauge their current understanding of AI concepts and tools. We then customize the educational approach accordingly.
Providing access to preliminary educational content on AI fundamentals so we can have more informed discussions from the start.
Uploading any existing documentation, data, or materials that will help us dive deeper into their operations during discovery.
This onboarding ensures we hit the ground running during our engagement and can deliver maximum value right from the start. We look forward to learning more about your business needs through this process.

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How do we ensure that the education and training provided to the teams is effective?

Needs Assessments:
We conduct needs assessments for each team to understand current skill levels, roles, and top priorities. This allows us to customize the training.
Learning Objectives:
Every training program has clearly defined learning objectives, ensuring the content stays targeted to the goals.
Active Training:
We use hands-on exercises, labs, and interactive discussions rather than just passive lectures. This cognitive engagement boosts learning retention.
Feedback Loops:
There are continuous feedback loops during and after each training to identify areas for improvement and maximize participation.
Participants complete evaluations rating the training for relevance, quality, and applicability. We analyze these to refine our curriculum over time.
Post-Training Support:
Our experts remain available to answer questions and provide guidance as teams apply the new skills and knowledge to their day-to-day work.
Management Alignment:
We partner with management to reinforce and incentivize participation in our training programs.

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